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Will AI take over the author’s role?

My answer is: no, not yet! When Chat GPT was launched last fall, many creators and authors panicked and thought that AI would take over! But so far these fears have not been realized. Sure, the occasional book created by Chat GPT has been released, but so far the quality of these books is quite low. However, every day AI is getting better and better so it is hard to predict how good AI will be in 5 years. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that I see with AI.

Advantages of using AI as a writer:

Idea generator: AI can help you come up with new characters and events that can drive your story forward!

Write your social media posts! If you don’t like coming up with creative posts about your books or your life as an author, AI can help you! AI can give you ideas for posts that suit your audience while optimizing SEO!

Improve your productivity: AI can help writers speed up their work by automating repetitive tasks such as research, facts, and language checking.

In short, understanding how AI works and its benefits can help writers stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Disadvantages of using AI:

ChatGPT’s abilities are useless if you don’t know what questions to ask it!

You can’t rely on the answers you get from the AI to be 100% reliable. The AI cannot handle every question you ask it, because technically it is still “learning” how to be more human in its answers. In many cases, ChatGPT tends to stop generating text if your question is too complex.

The information you feed into the AI can be reused by someone else. Intense copywright discussions are now going on about who owns what AI produces. These discussions will probably continue for several years before they reach a solution.

The question is therefore how the role of the author will evolve with AI? I think your personal brand as an author will become even more important. AI will certainly be able to mass produce books in the future, but how will consumers react to that? If I think about myself as a consumer, I prefer to buy a product from a creator with whom I have a personal connection.

What do you think about AI and its advantages/disadvantages?

My name is Annika Girod Sundqvist and I work as a marketing manager. In my spare time I write books, mostly children’s books but also the occasional crime novel. Soon my first children’s book “Billy bokräddaren” will be released by Lava förlag.

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