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Organize your writing space – and become more productive

Did you know that your environment plays a big role when it how productive you are, and how inspired you feel? In this article, we will go through four ways to optimize your writing space.

But before we go through how to organize your home office or writing space, I want to talk about why this is important. 

5 reasons why an organized workspace boosts your productivity

  • You save time, since you don’t have to look for things or clean up before you start writing. 
  • You reduce stress, because you don’t have to search for that paper, photo or notes with research.  
  • Being in an organized environment makes you more creative.
  • You always find what you are looking for. 
  • It’s easier to meet your deadlines because you won’t be distracted by other things. 

How to create a more organized writing space

Start by clearing away any clutter that might distract you. This includes paper, post-it notes, cute gadgets and collectibles. At this stage, you should try to think as minimally as you can. 

The next step is to look at your ergonomics – how do you sit or stand? Do you need to adjust the screen up to face height? I alternate between sitting and standing, and I always try to set up my computer at eye level because I’ve noticed that bending forward all the time hurts my neck. 

Personalize your space with a few select inspiring items. Do you want a photo of your favorite author or a have a candle next to your screen? Do you have a cork-board where you plan your stories? It’s okay to have personal items, as long as they don’t take over and you save everything “just in case”. 

Create a distraction-free zone by telling the other people you live with not to disturb you when you’re writing. Use soundproofing headphones and consider downloading a productivity app that locks your phone while you focus (I use Forest).

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