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I started a podcast 🎙️

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new project: a podcast about writing, productivity and marketing. The podcast is called A Year of Writing. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and YouTube. 

One of the reasons why I started the podcast is because I want to challenge myself to learn new things, learn more about writing, and become better at speaking English while on camera. The podcast will be filmed for those who prefer to watch it as a vodd (video podcast). 

A Year of Writing

This year I have promised myself to go all in on writing. I want to see how far ahead I can get if I give it my all for a year. It will of course be hard at times and I’m sure my friends will feel unprioritized sometimes when I have to stay home and write instead of going out and doing fun things. But so what? I’m alive now and writing has always been my passion. So why not go for it?

How will I have time to create a podcast as well as everything else that I do? I don’t really know. I will write in the mornings, record podcasts on weekends and try to hang out more with writing people. We can help each other reach our dreams. 

During my Year of Writing (July 1, 2023 to July 1, 2024), I have set these goals for myself:

  • I will write every day for one hour.
  • I will finish and submit at least two manuscripts to publishers.
  • I will release a new podcast episode every two weeks.
  • I will post a blog post every week.
  • I will post on Instagram and TikTok every day. 

Why all these goals? To build on my author brand and to challenge myself.

You can find all the episodes of the podcast on this page.

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