Meet Natalie

I’ve always been a creative and curious person. After high school I wanted to see the world, to learn more about different cultures. I’ve always been interested in other languages, especially Chinese, which lead to me applying to study at University in China for one semester.

This was my first time travelling solo. My first time moving to another country. I remember everyone looking at me, the only Westerner at the domestic flight to Kunming. The first few days were hard with langugage barriers and no internet, but in the end I had the time of my life.

China was amazing, with all it’s colors, friendly people and beautiful langugage. After China I’ve travelled to a lot of places.

I’ve always had a passion for writing and studied Professional Writing at Gävle Univeristy, Sweden. Today I work as a Communications specialist, and travel a lot on my spare time.

This site will be a colleciton of things I’ve written, photos I’ve taken and articles on travel. If you want to collaborate or get in contact with me e-mail: