Flying a drone in Sweden


In Sweden you can fly and take photos or video anywhere where there are no flight restrictions. But you have to apply for a permit before spreading, uploading or sharing the footage.

  • When do you have to apply for a permit to share your footage?
  • How do you apply for a permit?

Read all about how and when to apply for a permit at Lantmäteriet of Swedens website. Lantmäteriet governs all geographical land information concerning Sweden. Some photos you don’t have to apply for, and some you do.

Distribution of maritime geographical information such as seabed and depth data must be authorized by the Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket).

Winter day in Stockholm, Långholmen. Example of an image you have to apply for a permit from Lantmäteriet before distributing/ posting anywhere.

Where are you allowed to fly?

  • Don’t fly higher than 120 meters, always within eyesight.
  • Safety zones: 1 km from helipads, 5 km from airports (and don’t fly higher than 50 (sometimes 10) meters with in the surounding controll zone) Here is a link to the flight zones in Sweden.
  • Don’t fly near military zones, prisons and some nature reserves.
  • Mark your drone with name and phone number.

Remember to always try and read up on current laws yourself before flying, things might have changed since I posted this artichles. Happy flighing!

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